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Spice up your Christmas at Spice Alley!

Eat your way through the spiciest deals in the lead-up to Christmas! From December 13th to 24th discover $1 dumplings at Shanghai Dumpling Bar to $10 Ramen at our Japanese ramen bar Kyo-to. Spice Alley is your one-stop destination for delicious street eats as you enjoy the Christmas vibes.

December Spicy Deals

  • 13th $1 Dumplings at Shanghai Dumpling Bar
  • 14th 20% extra credit for top-ups over $50 at Spice Alley
  • 15th $10 Chicken Curry & Rice at Alex Lee Kitchen
  • 16th $10 Ribs & Chips at Yum Yum
  • 17th $9 Steamed Dim Sum at Hong Kong Diner
  • 18th $10 Green Curry w/ Rice at Bang Luck
  • 19th $11 Cha Soba at Kyo-to
  • 20th 20% extra credit for top-ups over $50 at Spice Alley
  • 21st $10 Sweet & Sour Pork at Ginger & Spice
  • 22nd $10 Ramen at Kyo-to
  • 23rd $11 Pad Kee Mao at Bang Luck
  • 24th $11 Maggi Goreng at Sedap Malaysian

Top-up offer, only to be applied to Gift Cards. Please see Gift Card T&Cs for more information.

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