Why is Spice Alley cashless?2017-04-26T16:24:22+10:00

To improve speed of service, safety and hygiene Spice Alley operates cashless. You can either tap and go with your normal credit or debit card. Or you may visit the cashier booth where you can transfer cash on to a pre-loaded card.

Do you sell Spice Alley gift cards?2022-10-20T12:14:20+11:00

Yes, you can purchase a Spice Alley Gift Card with the amount of your choice pre-loaded on the card. The amount does not expire, however please note the gift card is not transferable for cash. Gift cards can be purchased from the cashier booth at Spice Alley. Gift Cards can also be purchased online in preset amounts – BUY NOW »

Can I get a refund for any credit on my Spice Alley card?2017-03-16T16:34:31+11:00

Yes, at any time you can visit the cashiers desk and they can give you an account balance. You can use your card next time you visit or get a full refund for any credit your may have left over.

How much should I expect to spend in Spice Alley?2018-05-31T13:36:57+10:00

Dishes at Spice Alley eateries average around the $13 mark.

Is Spice Alley licensed?2017-04-26T16:35:14+10:00

Yes, Spice Alley has several licensed vendors. Bar Chinois offers a full range of beer, wine, spirits and cocktails, and you’re welcome to bring in your food from Spice Alley! The eateries Viet and KYO-TO are also fully licensed.

Can you BYO?2020-01-07T17:17:49+11:00

Yes, you may BYO at Spice Alley free of charge – however, it is BYO wine and beer only. Bring your own cups or purchase them for 50 cents at the cashier’s desk. The closest place to purchase alcohol is Handpicked Urban Cellar Door at 50 Kensington Street (next to Koi Dessert Bar).

Are there Vegetarian and Gluten-free menu options?2017-03-16T16:13:56+11:00

Yes, many of the Spice Alley eateries have vegetarian and gluten-free options available on their respective menus.

How is Spice Alley impacted by the weather?2017-04-26T16:37:40+10:00

Spice Alley operates in all weather conditions. We have awnings and undercover areas to protect you from the elements! In winter, we provide sufficient outdoor heating, so you can still get your Spice Alley fix.

Can I book a table?2017-04-26T16:30:05+10:00

All tables in central Spice Alley are offered on a first come, first serve basis. We’ve got over 350 seats and turn over is quick, so it shouldn’t take too long for you to find a seat!

If you would like to book a table for a group of people Spice House operates as a private function space for groups of 8 or more people. Perfect for a birthday party! Find out more about Spice House here ».

Can I get Spice Alley delivered?2017-03-16T16:12:25+11:00

Yes, via the UBER eats app and website. There is a Delivery button on each of the eatery pages of this site.

How do I get there?2017-03-16T16:11:59+11:00

Spice Alley is a laneway off Kensington Street in Chippendale, Sydney. It’s a 7 min walk from Central Station, just off Broadway. For contact details and map, visit our Contact page »

Where can I find nearby parking?2017-03-16T16:11:26+11:00

Parking is limited on Kensington Street and in the surrounding streets, although off-street parking cans sometimes be found on Belfour Street. There are several parking stations nearby – PARKING MAP »

Do you have a Spice Alley map?2017-03-16T16:32:07+11:00

Yes. We have a map showing the layout of the restaurants and eateries along Kensington Street including Spice Alley: VIEW MAP »

Do you offer Valet parking?2021-03-23T13:22:39+11:00

Valet parking is available for Spice Alley for $50 day rate and $70 overnight. Pull up outside The Old Clare Hotel on Kensington Street. There is a place for you to pull up and approach reception. Any issues call the reception on (02) 8277 8250.

How can I get in touch with Spice Alley?2017-03-16T16:08:55+11:00

Please send any enquiries, feedback or complaints via our Contact page »

Who do I contact for Media enquiries?2021-04-30T11:53:36+10:00

For all media enquiries, please contact:

Media & Communications Manager

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