Everybody loves a good meal deal… that’s why Spice Alley has teamed up with Young Henrys to bring you the best beers and bites! All you have to do is show the cashier a Young Henrys can and you’ll unlock a special offer from that stall!
Not sure what tinnie to buy? We’ll walk you through what pairs best in Spice Alley!

Alex Lee Kitchen

Alex Lee Kitchen - Curry Chicken and Roti or Rice

Meal Deal: $12 Curry Chicken and Roti or Rice
YH Match: Young Henrys IPA

Why: IPA’s tend to be on the bitter side of beers, so it’s best that they’re paired with foods that have strong flavours! They can also cool things off, so they go great with spicy dishes. Alex Lee Kitchen’s Singaporean curries, such as their delicious $12 Curry chicken and roti/rice is the perfect dish to eat alongside your Young Henrys IPA!

Ginger & Spice

Meal Deal: $10 Fried Chicken
YH Match: Young Henrys Natural lager

Why: This unfiltered lager is a slightly bitter drink with a dry finish. Complementing the crispy texture and salty flavours of Ginger and Spice’s fried chicken, this natural lager is the perfect drink to wash this meal down.

Bang Luck Thai

Bang Luck Pad Thai

Meal Deal: $11 Pad Thai
YH Match: Youngs Henrys Newtowner

Why: Combining different Australian malts, the Young Henry’s Newtowner pale ale is the perfect no fuss drip for any meal. Complementing the zesty flavours of Pad Thai, the flavours of this drink is the perfect accompaniment.

Shanghai Dumpling Bar

Shanghai Dumpling Bar rainbow dumplings

Meal Deal: $8 Rainbow Dumplings
YH Match: Young Henrys Motorcycle Oil

Why: The Motorcycle oil being a smooth, hoppy black beer perfectly contrasts with the vivid flavours and colours of Shanghai Dumpling Bar’s rainbow dumplings. With a mild bitter undertone, the YH motorcycle oil is sure to be a excellent accompaniment.

Hong Kong Diner

Hong Kong Diner BBQ Pork Buns

Meal Deal: $8 BBQ Pork Buns
YH Match: Young Henrys Newtowner

Why: Bring the salty flavours of Hong Kong Diner’s pork buns together with the neutral yet distinct flavours of the YH Newtowner, a classic drip filled with fruity and bitter flavours that will compliment these fluffy pork buns perfectly.

Old Jim Kee

Old Jim Kee spring rolls

Meal Deal: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Vegetarian Spring Rolls
YH Match: Young Henrys IPA

Why: With the balanced bitterness and crisp dry finish of the YH IPA, you can’t go wrong with the crispy veggie spring rolls from Old Jim Kee. With tropical influences, this drink is sure to be a perfect addition for these snacks.

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