Between groceries, transport, and rent, simply living in Sydney can be a tough gig. Lucky for you, we’ve sniffed out our top must-order dishes under $10 at Spice Alley.

1. Alex Lee KitchenRoti Canai $9.9
This hawker favourite is the best-seller in Spice Alley, and it is TO-DIE-FOR. The buttery and flaky roti is served with vegetables and curry dipping sauce. Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, you get the best of both worlds!

2. Sedap MalyasianChicken Wings $6
What’s a snack that can never go wrong? Chicken wings! Crispy and succulent, the Sedap chicken wings are highly addictive.

3. Sedap MalyasianVegetable Spring Rolls $8.8
These crispy, golden and flaky spring rolls are packed full of flavour! Filled to the brim with beautifully seasoned veggies and served with sweet chili sauce – heaven!

4. KYO-TOMini Cha Shu Rice $9.80
Not feeling a large meal? No problem! This wallet-friendly rice don is made with succulent chunky pieces of simmered pork and drizzled with KYO-TOs special soy sauce.

5. Shanghai Dumpling BarPan Fried Dumplings $9.9
Pan fried dumplings, a dish that shouldn’t be skipped! This classic favourite is pan fried for a crispy bottom, filled with flavour-packed juicy pork fillings. Fair to say it is one of the most satisfying late-night dishes here in Spice Alley!

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